By Gregg Giles


Indeed, the core of the galaxy is quite distant from the Zhodani Consulate. As a matter of fact, the Core is far from everywhere. So why do the Zhodani insist on making such expeditions? Imperials also question the purpose for these long and expensive journeys to “barren worlds and dying stars” when those already within the Consulate are better.

The core expeditions aren’t launched for profit, or even for prestige. A large percentage of the Zhodani people are mentally and emotionally drawn coreward. And contrary to popular propaganda, the stars of the Core aren’t dying. Nor are the worlds (the closer one gets to the Core, the change of naturally occurring life forms grows, and minerals that are rare in the fringes become more common due to increased solar activity and turbulence). The Imperium has transformed this psionic draw to the Core into a lie about mental slavery, supporting its propaganda war against psionics. The story says the “citizens tampering in the immoral and unethical activities of psionics will become slaves to desolate stars.”

The Zhodani people know that this is not true. Ever since the earliest Zhodani learned to enjoy the gift of psionics 190 centuries ago, they’ve been blessed with knowledge that no one else could comprehend, talents of the mind no one else can match, and even foresight of the future. Many Zhodani have experienced unexplainable visions of the future and of the Core. It is through the Core expeditions and the accompanying explorations that the Zhodani people intend to reveal the meanings of these visions.

But the visions are not the only reason. The Zhodani are just as human as the Terrans themselves, and the human desire to know has made it the fastest growing and most formidable race to ever reach out to the stars (at least for now). Humaniti is unique in that it needs to understand everything. It is never satisfied when questions are left unanswered, mysteries left unsolved, and places left unexplored. The Zhodani are no exception. When combining the psionic draw the Core and the burning human desire to know, it becomes clearer why the Zhodani have been reaching coreward for five thousand years.