Visions of the Qlomdlabr by Ed Edwards

Visions of the Qlomdlabr

The Qlomdlabr, also called the Supreme or Great Council, is the ultimate authority within the Zhodani Consulate. As opposed to the Imperium aristocratic government headed by a Crown, the government of the Consulate is a democratic one, composed exclusively of nobles, most of whom are psionically talented to some extent.

The noble Avenjnjetl wasn’t the first to have a visions, but he was the first to reveal it to the Council. His vision: “In a deserted place between two mountains, I stood for years waiting. Then I sat in the grass, thousands of marching people came by. Under the leadership of the Council, they were all headed towards the mountain from which I had not come. They did not march into the setting sun.” He revealed his vision to a friend the next day (117-1112 Imperial).

Earlier, the noble Ashedez on the Council also had a vision, but unlike Avenjnjetl, he did not reveal it to anyone until long after it had happened on 314-1108: “I lead my wards across a great plain. By a very wide river we settled. We built a ferry at a narrow place in the river. We farmed the nearby land on the far side of the river to provide food for many of those who crossed on their search for Zhodanizar.” Ashedez’s vision tells of the handful of colonies settled beyond the Sixth Rift during the seventh core expedition, or Zhodanizar.

While en route to Zhdant to address the Council, General Kriavr (an extremely strong psionic), had this vision while fully conscious and revealed it to his seneschal immediately: “I feel the havens of a billion burning suns, pulsing, beckoning us. It is hard to resist the pull, so I do not fight it any longer. It pulls me into a brilliant void, filled with the sounds of laughter, sorrow, wisdom, and pain. The lights are not from the stars. I fear I am in the very presence of God.” The importance of this vision is that Kriavr also felt emotions in his vision, while the other nobles did not. Kriavr also felt the presence of a civilization in the Core, one he feels is the Ichfench – the Ancients.

In all, nearly half of the Council has such visions by 1115. Those without psionics told that they had reoccurring dreams at night that dealt with much of the same things. In 1115, the forum of the Qlomdlabr was alive with discussions of reviving the expeditions. In 1116, a vote was taken and Prazar, or the Eighth Core Expedition as foreigners came to know it, was set in motion. Its commander would be General Kriavr, by unanimous vote of the active members. (The non-voting senior members commended this decision, since Kriavr is a well-respected officer and man.)