By Gregg Giles

General Kriavr and Admiral Zhitev

Below are the profiles of the two highest leaders of Prazar. Their extensive careers have enabled them to learn far more than the average noble in military service. Recognition isn’t given to noble suffixes used by the Zhodani, so in Imperial space they are simply known as Kriavr and Zhitev.

Guards Admiral Chtieje Kriavriashav

  • Stats: 78AD8E. Age 42. 6 terms. Cr54,000.
  • Psioncs: Psi-15, Clarivoyance-15, Teleport-15, Telepathy-15, Awareness-15, Telekenesis-15.
  • Skills: Psychology-5, NV Comm-4, Admin-3, Leader-3, Grav Vehicle-2, Liaison-2, Computer-1, CMBT Rifleman-1.
  • Items: Auto pistol, golden dagger, Psi-sphere.
  • Birthworld: Chronor/Spinward Marches (Starport A, Medium, Thin, Wet World, High Population, Ext Law, High Stellar).
  • Decorations: Honorary Legion of Merit, 1 Hero 1st Class, 1 Hero 2nd Class. Morale +4.
  • Other: Previously in Guards Armor and Thought Police branches. Schools include Thought Police (twice), Protected Forces, Intelligence, Staff and Attaché. Kriavr is a very effective psionic and mind reader. Nothing can slip by him unless the person lying is a stronger psionic, but even then, he’d sense something was wrong.

Navy Sector Admiral Tleovr Zhitevstebr

  • Stats: 78CE7C. Age 42. 6 terms. Cr60,000.
  • Psionics: Psi-10, Clarivoyance-10, Telekenesis-10.
  • Skills: Navigation-3, Pilot-3, Communication-2, Ship Tactics-2, Fleet Tactics-2, NV Comm-2, Psychology-2, Admin-1, Gun Combat-1, Leader-1, Vacc Suit-1.
  • Items: Auto pistol, silver dagger, Psi-sphere.
  • Birthworld: Starport B, small, dense, dry, mod pop, mod law, high stellar.
  • Decorations: Honorary Legion of Merit, 1 Wound Badge, 1 Hero 1st Class, 3 Hero 2nd Class, 1 Hero 3rd Class. Morale +5.
  • Other: Remained mostly in the flight branch of the Consular Navy. Flight school graduate. Also served as a Naval Attaché. Zhitevstebr has seen 4 strike missions, 3 years of battle and a year of siege. His technical skills and experience make him an effective asset.