By Gregg Giles

Prazar Command Structure and Unit Designation

The entire expedition, for various reasons, has been placed under the command of the Zhodani military, which is in turn subject to the directives of the Qlomdlabr. Like any naval fleet, the expedition armada has a command structure with General Kriavr as commander. He has the ultimate say in where the armada will and won’t go and what it will and won’t do. He may also designate new colonies. Kriavr has been given an outline of objectives and proposed journey route by the Council, but should it become impossible to fulfill those plans, he may change the means as long as the same end is reached.

The Prazar Armada is composed of several fleets (most of which carry supplies and fuel). Each fleet has its own commander, but they answer to Kriavr. Since Kriavr isn’t actually a “navy man”, Admiral Zhitev fills in as Kriavr’s right-hand man and subordinate.

Each fleet is composed of wings and squadrons. To make each fleet self-sufficient in case of the armada’s separation, each fleet must have at least one escort squadron, one fuel-transport squadron, and one supply (merchant) squadron. Wings are composed of similar squadrons only. Military ordinance squadrons are always heavily guarded. The 12th Escort Wing of the 1st Prazar Fleet is composed of three fighter squadrons (based from a carrier), a merchant escort squadron, and a destroyer squadron. It is not uncommon for wings to be moved to another fleet to “fill in” during emergency cases.

Unit designations are made by stating (in order) squadron, wing and fleet. Example: 7th Squadron, 36th Tactical Fighter Wing, 8th Fleet. Squadron, wing and fleet nicknames such as “Marauders” or “Skull Squadron” are only used informally. Use of “Expedition Fleet”, “Prazar Fleet” or “Prazar Armada” are excessive, but are used when dealing with worlds not taking part in or familiar with the expedition. Designations by military branches do no exist (thus, use of “Naval fleet” or “Guards unit” aren’t used).

In total, the Prazar Armada has nine fleets: the 1st Advance Strike Fleet (point position), 5th Strike Fleet (carrier fleet), 13th Command Fleet (Kriavr’s flagship, a carrier, is in this fleet), the 33rd Support Fleet (supplies, fuel, tankers, et al), 79th Support Fleet, 80th Strike Fleet (battlecruisers, but no carrier), the 95th Survey Fleet (exploration, survey and the like) and the 103rd Support Fleet (handles all major starship repairs, such as hull fractures, drive overhauls, etc.) The 79th is the “dull bunch”, the 13th the “stuff bunch”, and the 1st Advance Fleet is renowned as “the maniacs and gung-ho’s of the Armada.”

The Qlomdlabr didn’t fool around with Prazar – it doesn’t want a lack of support to stop the expedition. For this reason, every fleet has between 45 and 100 ships. The smallest fleet is the 1st Advance which has 43 ships (the largest ships being strike cruisers), and the largest is the 103rd Support with 129 ships, including several jump-capable starship repair hangers for ships up to 60,000 tons, “repair-riders” (similar to battleriders, but used for maintenance), and an enormous number of lesser ships and gigs.