From The Editor's Desk

Some notes from the Editor of the Security Leak Magazine. (By Gregg Giles)

The Crumbling Megacorporations

Discussions of how the megacorporations are being impacted by the collapse of the Third Imperium.(By Gregg Giles)

From The Wire

News about gaming publications and conventions. (This information is no longer relevant and does not appear here.)

Redesigning The I.S.S. Vega

Continued discussion of the Imperial class "S" Scout/Courier variant, including the MegaTraveller statistics that can be used to compare how starship design rules have changed since High Guard. (By Steven John Satak)

All materials by Gregg Giles unless otherwise noted.

Preface: Beyond Charted Space

A brief discussion about what lies beyond the charted space in Traveller. (By Mike Mikesh)


An introduction to Prazar, the Zhodani Eighth Core Expedition. It is by far the Consulate's most ambitious effort ever to unlock the secrets about themselves and possibly reveal the true nature of the Ancients once and for all.


Why have the Zhodani undertaken these great exploratory expeditions into the galactic core over the last 50 centuries? What drives them? The key lies in what makes the Zhodani themselves so unique: psionics.

Visions of the Qlomdlabr

The primary inspiration to launch the Prazar expedition were the visions of key members of the Zhodani Supreme Council, the Qlomdlabr. (By Ed Edwards)

On The Trail To An Answer

The core expeditions weren't just explorations - they were massive settlement efforts that brought Zhodani culture and civilization to many coreward sectors far beyond Imperial influence.


Details of the seven core expeditions that preceeded Prazar.

Taking Part In The Expedition

Learn how you can best put your players into an adventure using the Prazar expeditions as a backdrop - but you'll also have to do three key things to make it enjoyable.

Who Are We?

Specific suggestions on how to have your players feel like they are a useful part of a greater exploration effort.

Client States

Coreward space isn't complete unexplored - over the centuries the Zhodani have left behind colonies and developed client states that assist each expedition. These settlements can also serve as a setting for your next adventure with careful planning.

Notes On Encounters

Spice up the monotony of extensive space travel with a random encounter.

Prazar Command Structure And Unit Designation

Discussion of the Prazar command heirarchy and fleet structure.

General Kriavr and Admiral Zhitev

The two most important NPCs in the expidition are the two men responsible for its ultimate success.

The Psionic Projectors

The Zhodani aren't exploring coreward space blindly; they have artifacts created by the Ancients thousands of years ago to guide them on their way.

Fronzhatlivr Astrography

Nearly 5,200 parsecs seperate the Consulate and the Core, and mapping it requires an entirely new method of mapping with new terminology.

Star Clusters

Space is more than just "a world here and a world there" - it's a complex structure filled with clusters of star systems.

The Rifts And Arms

Learn the difference between a galactic rift and a galactic arm - they play a critical role in the progress of the Prazar armada.

The Zhodani Outreaches: The New Chronor Cluster

Zhodani settlement along the expeditin corridors has occured over thousands of years. The New Chronor Cluster is just one of the many important civilized star clusters along the way.

The Shtievdriadr Cluster

Another important star cluster settled after the Sixth Core Expedition.

The Population Explosion

Over the centuries as colonies grew and thrived, the coreward Zhodani population began to boom and drive further development and exploration.

Outreach Society

The distance of many settlements from the Consulate has made it possible for a unique society to develop.

Communications with the Consulate

Despite the vast distances the Outreachers live from Zhdant, communications routes still keep alive contact with their homeworlds .

The Interim Period

A history of the years between the 7th and 8th Core Expeditions.

Library Data

Glossary of terms used in the Onward And Coreward articles.


An extensive series of encounter tables a Referee can use to add spice to an Prazar adventure.

Published in 1988, this issue shed new light on the Zhodani galactic core expeditions and opened up a new realm of uncharted space for explorers and gave Referees new tools to guide them. This feature was SLM's most amitious effort to date to make an impact on the Traveller® universe.

This was the last printed issue of the Security Leak and was distributed to subscribers from Japan to England. Unfortunately, just as it hit its stride with content and the art was about to take a significant turn for the better, SLM hit hard financial times and was forced to cease print publication. The core expeditions will be revisited in a future issue.