By Gregg Giles

Izvinite. Forgive the absence of this issue. It was due in August. However, when hardware problems struck, I was helpless. By mid-1989, the Security Leak Magazine will be “tantrum-proof” when I begin using my new Commodore Amiga 500 with a laser printer.

First, the news. No thanks to the United States Postal Service and Congress, postage rates within the United States have gone up three cents per letter. (Per copy mailed, it is only a few cents more.) In addition, the postal rates to Canada are now thirty cents per first class letter, opposed to the twenty-five cents for U.S. domestic mail. This has forced other Traveller magazines to raise their subscription rates for all new subscribers. However, I am glad to announce that SLM’s rates will remain the same as they were before, and it’s my intent to keep them that way. It is too bad that within the span of one single year, the Congress of the United States speaks of getting rid of all trade between the U.S. and Canada, and that same year it approves a postal hike of eight cents per letter to Canada. If this fact upsets you as much as it has me, then I ask you to please write to the United States Representative and Senator in your district and express your displeasure with this new hike. If the world is getting smaller, why are postal rates getting higher?

Another important matter deals with my change of address. (Yes, again.) It’s habitual. There’s some strange and primal force which causes me to keep moving from place to place like a bewildered gypsy. So after you’ve finished groaning, stroll over to your Rolodex and torch my old address. As of this issue, my new office is located at this address: Security Leak Publications, 2275 Gray Highway N-10, Macon, GA 31211-1029, USA.

About back issues: typically, I will have extra issues printed in addition to orders and subscriptions. I keep one for myself, send freebies to nice people like the Digest Group and Marc Miller, and then put the rest up for sale. Those remaining copies can be bought, but when they’re gone, they’re gone forever. Subscribing is simpler. Think about it!

Due to poor response and complaints, I’ve decided to drop the “Traveller Group Locator” which has appears in issues three and four. Instead, it will give way to another page for article space. However, “From the Wire” will continue to appear, but instead will be run in the back of the issue.

Your responses to issue four were appreciated. Your compliments (and complaints) are read and considered. Please take a few moments to fill out the reader response sheet included with this issue and mail it back to us. There were several complaints about fading ink in issue four. That was the fault of the print shop in Tyler – I wasn’t able to catch it until all the copies had been printed and bound. If it’s any consolation, we no longer use that print shop.

Also, the following is the probable SLP publication schedule for the rest of 1988 and early 1989: (1) SLM #6, “Ascension of the Noble Houses”; (2) “Chronor-Down Handbook”; (3) SLM #7, “Agents of the Empire”; and, (4) “Consular Guide to Interstellar Combat Arms.”

If you haven’t noticed yet, this issue special feature is about the Eighth Zhodani Core Expedition. And you thought they had nothing better to do than fight Norris. (Shame on you.) The project was resurrected by Ed Edwards and myself, and will also be covered in Digest Group’s “Grand Exploration” book, due out later this year. Watch for it!

The MegaTraveller series will be completed next issue. In the meanwhile, the MegaTraveller stats for the ISS Vega are in this issue as planned. Complications may juggle the contents of this issue. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific, but let me just say that all we’ve promised to print will see print.

Next issue will see a new column writted by John Kostoff, dealing with the state of combat in the future, and the roles which the infantry, mechanized units, and more play in the battlefields of the future. I’m sure that the art in the next issue will also please you, as Phil Morrissey and Kate Lebherz-Gelinas have been commissioned.

Finally, the following is the reader response for the last issue. Thanks for writing in with your opinions, and I’ll see you in issue six with “The Ascension of the Noble Houses”. Stay tuned!

Issue 4 Reader Response

The Gods of War: 3.57
Putting the Mega Into Traveller: Starship Construction: 3.71
From the Wire: 3.29
Traveller Group Locator: 3.29
From the Editor: 3.57
Issue #4 as a whole: 3.29
Readers responding: 16%