By Gregg Giles

At this time, the year now being 1122, the Imperium has been plagued by civil war for six years. Worlds have changed hands and refugees have fled from sector to sectors. Business’ survival relies upon the purchasing power of the consumer, and when half of the consumer-laden markets of the Imperium were severed away, the mighty megas couldn’t avoid the imminent. The following is a generalized summary of where each mega now stands, and where they might be heading financially.

Delgado Trading, LIC

Delgado has been splintered, but its remaining regions are being utilized by the governments in power. It is a huge supplier of military arms to Lucan’s forces, and amazingly, to Dulinor as well.

General Products, LIC

General Products is “recovering” from poor management in its military division. The wars have brought back a great deal of business, though much of it is supervised directly by the military. GP is one of the largest starship producers still remaining.


GsbAG has been hard pressed by Emperor Lucan for more starships since 1118. GsbAG is the undisputed giant in starship manufacturing, and has given its full support to the Third Imperium (but not necessarily to its current ruler).

Hortalez et Cie, LIC

Hortalez is being destroyed by the Rebellion. Investors and policyholders are hounding Hortalez, seeking monetary security and reparations for war damages. By executive order, the firm is only paying a fraction of its obligations at a time in order to avoid bankruptcy.

Interstellarms, LIC

Interstellarms continues to be the largest arms dealer of all time, and is reaping giant profits from the current conflicts.

Ling Standard Products

Ling has broken into its smaller regional divisions in order to accommodate the political divisions of 1116 to 1119. Each separate division now acts as an independent firm, though a great deal of secret cooperation does occur between them. Some corporate leaders hope the rejoin the regions after a victorious leader becomes obvious, and almost as many executives are expected to resist the mergers. The LSP offices in Lishun, Diaspora and in Zarushagar were heavily damaged in fighting and most have been abandoned.


Makhidkarun sold all of its extra-Vilani assets in 1119 and now operates as a governmental body and industrial trust (called a bureaux) in the Ziru Sirka.


Naasirka also withdrew to the Ziru Sirka in 1119. Naasirka was the largest supplier of communications equipment to the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service, and its absence is severely effecting the IISS.


SuSAG was already in a poor financial position when the wars began, and since then, business has only been worsening. Only SuSAG’s pharmaceutical and chemical production for military units is keeping its megacorporate status alive.


Sharurshid now also operates as a bureaux of the Ziru Sirka. Since the majority of its assets are mobile (starships), they’ve been transported to Vland instead of being sold in the Imperium. Sharurshid’s large trading fleet is proving to be an indispensable asset to the Vilani.

Sternmetal Horizons, LIC

Sternmetal’s mining, food synthesis, and manufacturing equipment are vital to fighting forces. Even though some regions are fueling opposing factions, it has found prosperous times “as a whole”.

Tukera Lines, LIC

Tukera is controlled in part by Count Blaine Trulla Tukera, who is married to Duchess Margaret. When Margaret split from the Imperium, a lion’s share of Tukera’s personnel sided with her – most of the rest of Tukera fell into Imperial hands. Tukera is much like Sharurshid in that most of its assets are mobile, or can be moved with relative ease. Tukera in Delphia and Massila have been vital to the survival of Margaret’s stronghold.


Zirunkariish, unlike the other Vilani megas, remained in position and prepared for the shock of the war. Wise investment planning has allowed Zirunkariish to pay all of its insurance policy holders and still remain liquid. To do so, though, it sold off close to 20% of its total assets at bargain prices.

What Now?

The megas are in big, big trouble. It has taken many nearly a thousand years to get where they are, and undoubtedly the executive boards aren’t going to give it all up without causing someone some very serious problems. (Relate it to a cornered dog; he’s not going down unless he takes someone with him.)

The survival of the megas depends on who can dig up the dirtiest tricks, hire the biggest armies, and carry the biggest guns. Currency doesn’t talk at all now, only precious metals do (lanthanum for jump coils is more valuable than gold or platinum now.)

The megas may also be fueling opposite factions, but it’s all done in the name of survival… and some profit as well.