From The Editor's Desk

Some notes from the Editor of the Security Leak Magazine. (By Gregg Giles)

From The Wire

News about gaming publications and conventions. (This information is no longer relevant and does not appear here.)

Traveller Group Locator

Contact information for Traveller groups located near you. (This information is no longer relevant and does not appear here.)

By Gregg Giles


A Referee's introduction to the different factions that often surface during wartime and can be added as elements to an adventure.

Library Data

Explanations of common terms and mini-profiles of some enforcement agencies.

Types of War

An extension of the Library Data that attempts to categorize conflicts and define them.

Leashes & Knives

Profiles of the Interworld Division of Enforcement Services (IDES) and Imperial Naval Paramilitary Relations Department (INPARD), two Imperial agencies that suddenly took on a critical role during the Rebellion.


A crash course on the fundamentals of espionage, designed to help add some cloak and dagger flavor to your adventures.

Mercenary Units

Four new mercenary units for use in your campaigns: Sapphire, Death's Head, Magdorea and Gemidaaskada-Zhulk.

Starship Construction

Discussion of the changes in the starship construction rules introduced by the MegaTraveller rules. (By Gregg Giles)

The I.S.S. Vega

Variant of the standard Imperial class "S" Scout/Courier. (By Steven John Satak)

Published in 1988, SLM4 was the first issue to use desktop publishing for the entire production process. Given that this was at a time when quality DTP equipment and software were still very expensive, SLP had to work within its limited budget to get the best bang possible for the buck.

Using a new "sourcebook" format, it was designed as a reference to help Referees add elements to their adventures. This issue covered groups and character types that often surface during war. Although the feature never full realized its potential, it did introduce new mercenary units like Sapphire and Death's Head. Part one of the ISS Vega series also appeared in this issue.