By Gregg Giles

Assassin: Individuals who are typically paid to kill a certain person or group of persons. Some assassins work professionally and are expensive to hire. Assassins may work alone, for hire, or for a political cause. The best known assassins are the legendary Imperial “Black Cards”.

Black Cards: A legendary ring of assassins maintained by part emperors of the Imperium to dispose of political and military opponents. So named for the mysterious cards that they carry to identify themselves to Agents of the Emperor.

Bounty Hunters: Individuals who literally hunt down a named individual for a fee. Their mission can be either capture or eliminate. Bounties tend to work alone.

Financial backer: A person or institution that has entered into a venture that calls for a substantial amount of funding. These backers are typically banks or holding corporations. Megacorporatins often back mercenary units in exchange for special security services.

Imperial Appointed Observer: Also called an IAO. An agent that is placed into the ranks of a mercenary unit or another organization that has been accused of serious violations of Imperial laws. An IAO has absolutely no legal power to wield, and is directed to report his or her findings back to the proper authorities for further investigation.

Interworld Division of Enforcement Services: A division of the Imperial Ministry of Justice (MOJ) that is assigned the duty of anti-smuggling and anti-terrorism activities. The division is prompted into action only at the request of a court, or at the direction of a law enforcement or legislative body. Branch offices of the IDEA can be found in many subsector and sector capitals. The IDES has the ability to requisition the support of local law enforcement agencies.

Infiltration teams: Similar to intimidator units, except that infiltration units are used for espionage and subversive activities. The members of such a unit usually assume a new identity acceptable to the society or group that they infiltrate. With this new identity, the member can use his new identity to cover his true mission: sabotage, assassination, terrorism, etc.

Imperial Naval Paramilitary Relations Department (INPARD): Unique to the Spinward Marches (and now to the entire Domain of Deneb), INPARD is controlled through the Naval Office of the Sector Admiral. Its main duties are to keep track of all Imperial sanctioned mercenary units with Imperial space and its client states. After the Domain of Deneb was severed from the main body of the Imperium, INPARD reverted to the control of Archduke Norris, who quickly appointed a new commander. INPARD also helps various intelligence services in tracking terrorist organizations and rebellious movements. INPARD hears field agents, compiles data for use by intelligence services, and has the ability to call upon Naval shock troops when a mercenary unit is discovered to be in extreme violation of Imperial law. INPARD is a department of Deneb Imperial Naval Intelligence (DINI).

Intimidator squadrons: Typically, regular military units used during wartime. These specially-trained, jump-capable units carry elite infiltration teams behind enemy lines. Once the ships break out of jump, the team boards enhanced vehicles (such as modified shuttles) and debark the ship. The infiltration or agitation teams proceed to their targets while the ships return to jumpspace. The drop-units speed towards their target to disturb or destroy the military activities of their enemy before they are intercepted. After landing, infiltration teams will attempt to fit into the enemy society using a new identity and the agitation teams will revert to an isolated area to attempt to coordinate guerilla activities. Most members of intimidator squadrons are volunteers.

Junta: A military group that overthrows a government in power, mainly for purposes of greed or lust for more power. Most juntas do not survive very long.

Mercenary units: Paramilitary units for hire by individuals, companies or governments. Found mainly along the fringes of interstellar nations. The common mercenary unit is well armed and is prepared to fight in either peace or wartime. Most mercenaries tend to be human, Vargr or Aslan.

Terrorists: Individuals that may be acting as part of a group or faction, generally with a political motive or purpose. Terrorists are best know for using fear as a weapon in order to gain something from society or a government. Public places are the most vulnerable places for a terrorist attack. Intentional explosions used to kill the innocent attract media attention and allow the message of the faction to be carried to the public and their government. The ideologies of terrorists range from religious to ‘conservative’ political.

Vigilante: An individual that operates beyond the law in order to bring criminals to an institutional justice or their own “justice”.