By Gregg Giles

Greetings! It hasn’t been so long since we sent you the last issue, and that is a good sign! Perhaps this will become a habit? We hope so, too.

First, I have two apologies to make concerning materials which appeared in issue three. The first goes to William Jaffe of the Game Collector’s Guild. We accidentally overlooked the error in his mailing address. This will probably explain why some of you may have received your letters with a “return to sender” note on them. The correct address is: Game Collector’s Guild, P.O. Box 5239, Laurel, MD 20707.

Next, I apologize to William H. Keith, a renowned Traveller® artist. Some of you have noticed that the cover of issue three is similar to the cover of the original Traveller Book. The strikingly similar artwork was intentionally placed in celebration of the tenth anniversary of Traveller. Since the hardbound version of the Traveller Book was the very first Traveller item I ever purchased, it also meant more to me than simply front-page art. However, I realized that Mr. Keith was never given credit for his original design, and for that I do apologize.

Don’t forget that Magnus Abel of the Between Worlds magazine is still seeking the addresses of those persons with unfulfilled subscriptions. Misfortune struck Between Worlds nearly a year ago, and all subscription records were lost. If you still hold a valid subscription to Between Worlds, please send a copy of your cancelled check to: Magnus Abel, 3914 Angeles, Tampa, FL 33629. Also make note of the issues you’ve never received.

For our Canadian customers, we must let you know that Canadian checks are no longer accepted. It’s nothing personal, really. However, the United States Federal Reserve System cannot honor Canadian checks. If it were up to me, they would, but it isn’t, so they can’t. Instead, please use a Canadian postal money order for all orders.

In addition, we no longer offer back-issues (or “reprints”). This is due to the problems caused by having to make extra editions. Issue one had nearly five editions, and each subsequent issue has had at least three. If you do request a back-issue, please be prepared to get your payment back if no back-issues remain. If you desire to use that same payment to extend your subscription instead of having us return your payment, please make note of your option to do so.

For the very first time, we are enclosing reader response sheets with every issue. You will find these forms very similar to those used by Challenge magazine. Simply fill out your name and rate the articles from 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent). 3 represents “good”, and 2 and 5 are shades in-between. We would also appreciate any comments and suggestions you have about this or future issues.

You’ll be glad to know that we’ve begun work on the Chronor-Down Starport booklet. You may have heard of this or seen the advertisement for it in issue three. The booklet will cover nearly every aspect of the Chronor-Down starport in the Spinward Marches, and will also deal with the local startowns and cities. Look for it in mid-1988!

This issue begins a new format for content. After a quick browse, you’ll discover that the usual story and adventure are absent. We have adopted a “sourcebook” format. What this means is that this issue is purely information. We feel you might find this more useful than any other formats. Please let us know what you think about it!

The Classifieds section introduced last issue has given way to a new Traveller group locator. Simply put, it’s a yellow pages for Traveller players worldwide. If you would like to advertise your Traveller group in this section, please send your gaming area, group name, and an address at which your group can be reached. There is absolutely no fee for this, but room is limited! Tell a friend!

And finally,it’s plain to see that we’ve switched over to computer production. This method is not only faster and better looking, but it is simpler than the method we used with the first three issues. But don’t think we’re stopping now! As the Security Leak Magazine grows, so do our efforts in making it a better magazine. Stick with us, it could get pretty interesting! Enjoy the issue!