From The Editor's Desk

Some editorial comments about what's happening in this issue of the Security Leak Magazine. (By Gregg Giles)

Mercenary Ticket: Collace Is Pending

A struggle for survival in the war-torn Spinward Marches. (By Gregg Giles)

Notes On Piracy

A look inside of piracy, its traditions and more. (By Michael Mikesh)

Avoiding The Walking Arsenals

Knowing when enough firepower is enough. (By Gregg Giles)

Jump Gates

A discussion of theory, construction and operation of enormous rings used by starships for interstellar travel. (By Michael R. Mikesh)

The Man In The Gold Sash

The golden sash of the executioner may provide anonymity, but it doesn't stop the executioner from feeling. (Story by Jefferson Swycaffer)

From The Wire

News about gaming publications and conventions. (This information is no longer relevant and does not appear here.)


Classified advertisements placed by subscribers. (This information is no longer relevant and does not appear here.)

This issue shipped in 1987 and was largely a stylistic evolution with minor visual improvements learned during refinement of the production process. Each issue was now slightly easier to put together, but still not easy enough to allow me to focus on substantially improving the content as I desired. Thankfully, by now Mike Mikesh and Jeff Swycaffer were regular contributors, but more would be needed to ease the growing pains.