By Gregg Giles


Brina Richell had for quite a while thought that the Richell Casino was being ripped off. Now she knew that it was true. But who was stealing all of the money from the vaults?

As she reached down to the body of her dead chief of security, she made notice of a long, thin scratch on his neck. Brina bent closer for a better look. The mark looks as though it was made by a small assassin's needle, she thought.

She then stood up and began to look around inside of the casino's vault. No one had beamed into the strongroom via matter transfer – the particle scramblers in the walls and doors were still on. Then Brina noticed it: all of the vault alarms had been turned off from inside the casino. Damn! I was afraid of this!

Someone on the casino staff was robbing Brina blind, but who?

"Breeke?" spoke Brina into her small transmitter, "you there?"


"Yes, ma'am. I've got ya," replied the man's voice.

"Good. Forget the casino. Now I want you to check the parking garage and the hotel. Make sure that no one gets outside of their rooms without my own permission."

"Gotcha," affirmed the new security chief.

"And Breeke…"


"Don't let the hotel or casino staff get out either…"

Brina was going to find out who had killed Alexander and ripped her off, and then she was going to make them pay.

The Situation

The following information is to be given to the players when the referee sees fit to do so.

The Richel Casino's chief of security has been murdered in the course of a silent, yet very efficient, robbery. The robbery has cleaned the casino's vault of nearly a million Imperial Credits, about half of the usual cash on hand.

Upon examination of the vault, Brina Richell (the casino owner) finds that the robbery was a conventional one. Such old fashioned theft would be nearly impossible unless someone had inside knowledge of the vault's security systems. It had to be an inside job.

In order to counteract further stealing by the employees, Brina has several more security guards, the players. These players will be working under the direct supervision of Breeke Leonard, the man who took Alexander Frederik's job after Frederik's death. The casino manager, Syd Braak, tells Brina that hiring more security guards is quite unnecessary, but Brina ignores his comments.

Brina becomes friendly with the players (which she does with all new employees). However, Brina takes a very special liking to the players and takes them into her confidence. She tells them about the robbery and also that she thinks someone in the casino was responsible. Brina wants the players to find out who it is. She will give each player their normal salary, Cr1,000 per week, plus an additional bonus of Cr30,000 each if they find out who has stolen the money and killed Alexander. She supplies the players with rooms inside the hotel, transportation, and food.

The player's don't initially find out who robbed the vault, but Brina does. One day, while making her rounds, she discovered Syd Braak in the vault with three men dressed in police uniforms; they're stealing the money. The robbers don't notice Brina. She quickly rushes to tell the players what she has witnessed. She orders the casino to be sealed off and she rushes to call the police. After everyone has seemingly cleared the room, a figure emerges from a closet – it is one of Braak's assistants. The man has heard the entire conversation between Brina and the players, and realizes that they cannot tell the authorities; he rushes to tell Braak of this 'unfortunate' development.

Brina contacts the city police, and they tell her that armed officers are on their way. She hangs up and waits with the players. The city police arrive and arrest Braak and his three accomplices. Brina is now satisfied that Alexander's death is now revenged. In thanks for their services, Brina gives the players Cr10,000 each. (Because Brina discovered the robbers, she is not bound to pay the players the full Cr30,000 each.)

Somewhere in the city, a speeding car with police markings is heading to the police headquarters. Inside of the car is Braak, his three aides, and two police officers. One of the officers reaches over and releases Braak's bonds and smiles. They all begin to laugh. Their entire scheme had worked, hook, line, and sinker. Tonight, Braak would get rid of Brina Richell once and for all.

The police car takes Braak to meet Ekkez Genel, the city's chief of police and Braak's long-time partner in crime. Braak and Genel had split Brina's money two was. No report about the casino robbery or Braak's arrest are ever made.

The same night, two police officers arrive at Brina Richell's home, break down the door, and shoot her down. A man standing near Brina's home sees the murder and also the police car that sped away from the scene. Tarik Empis, the witness and a friend of Brina, runs into the home to find Brina Richell dead. Empis flees.

The next morning, the city awakens to news that the players have killed Brina in cold blood, and all for profit and control of the casino. Massive amounts of evidence are brough up by the city police to substantiate the claims that the players also killed Breeke Leonard and Alexander Frederik, and also robbed the casino's vault. The players see the face of Ekkez Genel smiling into the camera, with Syd Braak in the background of the picture.

Moments later, the police arrive with a warrant for the arrest of all of the players, signed by Ekkez Genel. (Local laws allow the city's chief of police to issue warrants for arrest.) The players start to struggle. A firefight ensures. Although all of the players escape with no injuries, several police are killed. The players are now fugitives from a crooked law, blamed for the deaths of 7 people and the robbery of the casino.

The players notice heavy police activity in the city. All means of leaving the city are blocked. The city is blocked off on all roads. The starport is heavily guarded. All airports are being watched. There is no chance for escaping. Panic strikes. The decide to lay low until it all blows over.

Several days later, Tarik Empis calls the players on the telephone. The can't figure out how he knew where they were. Tarik tells them he has seen the news and that the players are fugitives from Genel. Tarik doesn't reveal his true identity. He tells them everything he knows – how Genel and Braak both work together, that Brina told him that someone on the casino staff was stealing the casino's money, and more. He knows that the players are innocent. Tarik calls several more times before they meet, and when they do, Tarik takes them into his confidence and introduces them to several of his 'underground' contacts and connections. Trust them, he says. He is not lying.


So you're asking, "where do I go from here?" Well, that is really all up to you and what the players want to do. There are several routes to take, but the one you don't want to let them get on to is the escape route. Keep them all inside the city with Braak and Genel.

If the players wish to try and prove their innocence, then they must reach the Imperial Regional Judge, Carl Bryant. He is not crooked, and has the authority to break Genel's power and tight control over the city police.

Remember that Genel's power is very immense. He can pay off judges and also other officials. He can easily sway the public's opinion by his manipulation of the media. He will stop at nothing.

Braak and Genel simply have to rid of the players to assume complete control of the casino (or so they think; now Tarik Empis knows, too.) Feel free to add details or people, but make sure the players work for their freedom and don't make it too simple. Good luck!

"… but when playing the odds, and unlucky number will always arise."

-DNA Stonecypher