From The Editor's Desk

Big changes are in the works for the Security Leak Magazine! (By Gregg Giles)

The Death of Strephon, Emperor of the Third Imperium

Official Traveller News Service reports from GDW. (From the Traveller News Service)

Five Corporations

A brief history and outline of five difference business firms. (By Gregg Giles)

In Storage: Starship Sensor Equipment

Four different sensors for use in your campaigns. (By Gregg Giles)

Islands In Jumpspace

Discover the wonders of the Microsm "pocket universe". (By Michael R. Mikesh)

Clearwater Regiment

Trouble services when an empire and a mercenary unit collide. (By Jefferson P. Swycaffer)

Mercenary Ticket: Unlucky Number

The odds have just caught up with chance, and you're in the middle. (By Gregg Giles)

As word of mouth spread about the magazine and subscriptions began to roll in, the reproductive quality improved and the production budget and page count began to increase. However, much of the writing was still too layout-driven and not vice-versa. Thankfully materials by noted authors like Mike Mikesh and Jeff Swycaffer helped raise the overall quality of the content.