By Gregg Giles

Greetings From Chronor!

So we have finally made it to the second issue? Surprised? There are times which I am. After sending out each issue, a dark cloud of hesitancy surrounds me. I think, "Oh, no! Now we must start all over again!" And such a task it truly is which we do undertake! However, the Security Leak is truly a labor of love, so we do our very best to insure that you get what you pay for.

And while I am speaking of receiving what you pay for, I would like to bring your attention to the new large size of this second issue. We are proud to say that the Security Leak is now 20 pages per issue – more for your money, and more for your mind.

But that is not all! The price of a yearly subscription to the Security Leak magazine has dropped to $10 US per year, beginning with this issue. We do realize that paying $12 for four issues is rather expensive and many for the financially "could be better off" Traveller fanatics throughout the world. So, down goes the price, and up goes the size - what more could you want?

How about an extra issue? Alright! If you paid $12 for a one year subscription to the Security Leak magazine, then you will receive an issue free. It is, after all, only fair. We are still searching for an economical way to give the Security Leak magazine a "spine". This is a form of binding common to such well known magazines as Challenge and Travellers' Digest.

Anyway, I suppose I had best get to the part about this issue...

Issue two of the Security Leak magazine is full of new surprises for you, and also has the standard features which can give any new campaign a twist or boost. Just take a close look and you will agree that the Security Leak is well worth the money and always will be.

Special features include a section on several corporations and organizations which can be discovered in the Traveller universe. Also, Jefferson Swycaffer presents Clearwater Regiment, which makes its debut in this issue.

Michael Mikesh brings you in touch with Islands in Jumpspace, and article about perhaps one of the most intriguing additions to Traveller - the "pocket universe".

In Storage presents the quarterly equipment menu from which players can pick for campaigns and adventures, and how could one forget the mercenary tickets that are only found in the Security Leak? This issue contains new challenges for both the experienced and beginner Traveller player, and is sure to ring you hours of entertainment.

In short, you're going to love this issue!

So grab a can of your favorite soft drink, turn on your radio to your favorite station, and find the nearest recliner, because your favorite magazine awaits you! We hope that you enjoy reading and using this issue as much as we did making it!

So until the third issue in August, 1987, I will bid you a fond farewell on the behalf of the entire Security Leak magazine staff and support writers across the nation. Take care and best wishes!