By Gregg Giles

Inalona Foods and Agriculture

Strictly an agriculture grower and food producer. Inalona foods has no subsidiaries, but is rather broken in branches. Created around 320 by a Terran firm, Inalona has found success in most of its undertakings.

Many of the agricultural worlds in the Old Expanses host a newly constructed Inalona facility and crop fields and plans are being made to expand into the sectors coreward of the Solomani Rim. The administrative offices of the firm are on Mars of the Terra system of the Solomani Rim. Because Terra is already heavily industrialized, all of the non- agricultural businesses are strongly encouraged to move to Mars in order to preserve Terran wildlife. The Inalona company has no agricultural or processing dealings or other property in the Terran system.

The firm gives Terra nearly one-fifth of all its food and also gives the Sol subsector 5% of its entire food needs. On the sector scale, Inalona provides about 7% of the total food and agricultural demand. Inalona produces no fertilizers or any chemicals used for agriculture. The firm is known for its delicious and always fresh produce and is also well respected for the high quality wines which the firm supplies.

Nolisse Corporation

A major glass and glassware maker, and also a manufacturer of synthetic plastics on a small scale. The main division of Nolisse produces fine and very high quality glass which is used mostly in windows and monitors and also such common products as drinking glasses and bottles. Yet another of the firm's divisions, much smaller in size than the glassware division, is a producer of non-toxic synthetics for use in many everyday products. Nolisse is based in the Solomani Rim and has only a few branches beyond its borders. However, Nolisse provides nearly 12% of all glassware in the Solomani Rim and often provides orders to firms and organizations several subsectors away.

Nolisse was founded circa 800 by a partnership between several Vilani and Solomani, but the venture was never intended to become such a large firm. After passing through a brief, but very very harsh, depression in parts of the Rim, Nolisse was incorporated by a charter from the Solomani government. Expansion gradually progressed. Today, Nolisse has nearly 40 plants across the entire Solomani Rim with dozens of smaller offices and plants in support. The firm maintains a low but respectable profile in the industrial arena. Good economic conditions and a huge contract have given Nolisse comfortable profits.

Denizentzen Interstellar

The firm of Denizentzen Interstellar is new to history, appearing only in 1103. This Zhodani firm based from the world of Chronor is 20% owned by the Zhodani government, 40% owned by the firm's founders, and the remaining 40% publicly owned.

Denizentzen specializes in accounting services, compilation of published materials, and manufacture of various data- storage and encryption devices. In the few months after its appearance, the market caught wind that the Zhodani government was trying to buy out the company; this brought about a rush on the company's stock, and in turn gave Denizentzen massive funds on which to draw. Because of the firm's fields of specialty in accounting, Denizentzen easily caught up with this rush on its stock and avoided a complete takeover by the government. In 1105, the Board of Directors voted to take Denizentzen operations international. This idea, however, was struck down because of the Zhodani government's involvement in the Fifth Frontier War. Not until 1112 was the firm able to establish an office out of the Chronor system.

Denizentzen is still a struggling business. Although it once had huge financial resources on which to draw, it now has never little liquid assets. Denizentzen invested heavily into the Zhodani war bonds, and unfortunately for Denizentzen, the Zhodani lost the war. The High Council has made a very firm promise that the firm's bonds will be repurchased by 1130 in a move to help restore Zhodani financial strength in the Spinward Marches. However, the firm has told its investors that its stock will be bought back by 1120, but it does not have the resources to do so. Many experts believe that this firm will fold by 1116.

Mechalus and Company

Stock brokerage company in the Solomani Rim. Mechalus began as a small sole- proprietorship on Terra/Sol just before the contact between the Vilani and the Terrans. The founded, A.H. Labrora, saw the rapid Terran move into space as the perfect opportunity on which to make money. Upon the eve of the First Interstellar War, Labrora's business increased with incredible and unparalleled leaps. As the war went on, Labrora expanded his firm and give it the name of his father, Mechalus.

The Mechalus firm was very successful throughout the first 100 years of the new Rule of Man, but as the wars slowly subsided, so did Mechalus' business in the stock brokerage area. Attempts to broker for other fields of industry and agriculture were highly unsuccessful; most large firms had already found a permanent brokerage house with whom the preferred to do business.

In order to stay above water, Labrora tried to fire half of his employees. However, this move was countered by the formation of a union by the corporate employees any firings would cause Mechalus to crumble. Through a series of talks, the employees agreed to buy the company from Labrora and later had the proper corporation name changed to Mechalus and Company.

Today, Mechalus and Company enjoys a thriving business in the entire Solomani Confederation, but not inside the Third Imperium. Corporate headquarters are being moved from Teucer/Capella to a new and undetermined "safe" location.

Mechalus and Company is divided into three branches: military brokerage, agricultural brokerage, and also general brokerage. Military brokerage was the leading profit maker for the firm while a major war was underway, but it is now the smallest profit producer of all three branches. Agricultural holds a firm grip as the second largest of the three profit makers, and the huge general brokerage branch holds first place as both the largest in size of all three branches and also the best profit maker of the firm. General is the broker for all non- military and non-agricultural firms, such as steel makers, synthetic producers, minerals mining, and other firms which deal in other important commodities.

Mechalus and Company is not a very large member of the Solomani brokerage community, but it does play a very important role in the continuation of Solomani industry.

The Tyrell Corporation, LIC

The Tyrell Corporation was formed in 1084 by Kimberly Angelen, a noble of the Trin's Vein subsector inside the Spinward Marches sector. Beginning as an Imperial mail contractee, the Tyrell corporation began to expand its areas of interest after 1090, and by 1100 it was diversified into production of man portable military weapons, large farm vehicles, machine tooling, dehydrated foods, and fertilizers. In 1102, the firm received a Limited liability Imperial Charter (LIC) from the Regina government and quickly began business with various worlds throughout the new District 268 subsector and also heavy dealings in the Trojan Reach and the Reft sectors. The dealings have proven to be very profitable for the firm in the long run but not quite enough to cover all the loans taken out by the Tyrell Corporation.

In 1109, Angelen died and was soon-after succeeded by Elizabeth Faiasal, also a noble from the Trin's Veil subsector. Some employees have been suspecting foul play, but no evidence has surfaced to substantiate these serious claims.

Tyrell's total assets are nearly 5.6 trillion credits.