The Spinward Marches is one of the several sectors in the Imperium in which several cultures and nations come into contact amongst unexplored worlds. This frontier, inhabited largely since after 300, has seen acceleration in trade and commerce, border expansion by treaty and conflict, and exploration. The following is a list of major stock markets in the sector which are the arenas for worldwide trading, and possibly sector trade. In order of predominance, Regina is by far the most important in the sector, followed by Mora, Gram, Tim, and Shirene. The major "foreign" markets are on Cronor, Mire, and Gram.

Errere (Zhodani)
Thengo (Zhodani)
Rio (Zhodani)
Gesentown (Zhodani)
Cronor (Zhodani)
Whenge (Independent)
Enlas-du (Independent)
Algebaster (Independent)
Sheyou (Zhodani)
Cipango (Zhodani)

Chwistyoch (Zhodani)
Esalin (Independent)
Ruby (Imperial)
Emerald (Imperial)
Mongo (Imperial)
Utoland (Independent)
Pequan (Independent)
Lysen (Imperial)
Louzy (Imperial)

Efate (Imperial)
Alell (Imperial)
Yres (Imperial)
Uakye (Imperial)
Ruie (Independent)
Jenghe (Imperial)
Pixie (Imperial)
Boughene (Imperial)
Hefry (Imperial)
Regina (Imperial)
Feri (Imperial)
Roup (Imperial)
Yori (Imperial)
Dentus (Imperial)
Kinorb (Imperial)
Enope (Imperial)
Heya (Imperial)
Moughas (Imperial)
Inthe (Imperial)

Paya (Imperial)
Lablon (Imperial)
Nasemin (Imperial)
Aramanx (Imperial)
L'ousel d'Dieu (Imperial)
Rugbird (Imperial)
Towers (Imperial)
Aramis (Imperial)
Junidy (Imperial)
Natoko (Imperial)

Yiktor (Independent)
Rushu (Independent)
Sansibar (Zhodani)
Retinae (Independent)
Querion (Zhodani)
Dekalb (Independent)
Winston (Sword Worlds)
Rapp's World (Zhodani)
Thanber (Independent)

Margesi (Imperial)
Frenzie (Imperial)
Garda-Vilis (Imperial)
Saurus (Imperial)
Phlume (Imperial)
Denotam (Imperial)

Extolay (Imperial)
Lanth (Imperial)
D'Ganzio (Imperial)
Rech (Imperial)
Equus (Imperial)
Icetina (Imperial)
Cogri (Imperial)

Garrincski (Imperial)
Risek (Imperial)
Porozlo (Imperial)
Rhylanor (Imperial)
Jae Tellona (Imperial)
Henoz (Imperial)
Celepina (Imperial)
Belizo (Imperial)
Vinorian (Imperial)
Cipatwe (Imperial)
Vanejen (Imperial)
Margesi (Imperial)
Bevey (Imperial)
Powaza (Imperial)

Garoo (Independent)
Stern-Stern (Darrian)
Zamine (Darrian)
Engrange (Darrian)
Roget (Darrian)
Bularia (Independent)
Rorre (Darrian)
Mire (Darrian)
Condaria (Independent)
Trifuge (Darrian)
Cunnonic (Darrian)
Nosea (Darrian)
Spume (Darrian)

Hrunting (Sword Worlds)
Tizon (Sword Worlds)
Narsil (Sword Worlds)
Flammarion (Independent)
Colada (Sword Worlds)
Anduril (Sword Worlds)
Joyeuse (Sword Worlds)
Orcrist (Sword Worlds)
Gungnir (Sword Worlds)
Gram (Sword Worlds)
Excalibur (Sword Worlds)
Tyrfing (Sword Worlds)
Sacnoth (Sword Worlds)
Caladbolg (Imperial)
Beater (Sword Worlds)
Hofud (Sword Worlds)
Sting (Sword Worlds)
Biter (Sword Worlds)

Ianic (Imperial)
Adabicci (Imperial)
Spirelle (Imperial)
Lunion (Imperial)
Shirene (Imperial)
Persephone (Imperial)
Capon (Imperial)
Resten (Imperial)
Strouden (Imperial)

Heronia (Imperial)
Byret (Imperial)
Mercury (Imperial)
Carey (Imperial)
Hexos (Imperial)
Maitz (Imperial)
Fornice (Imperial)
Palique (Imperial)
Nexine (Imperial)
Mora (Imperial)

Emape (Imperial)
Penelope (Imperial)
Mirriam (Imperial)
Karin (Imperial)
Wonstar (Imperial)
Iderati (Imperial)
Ochecate (Independent)
Mewey (Independent)

Asteltine (Independent)
Tarsus (Independent)
Collace (Independent)
Trexalon (Independent)
Motmos (Independent)
Tarkine (Independent)
Dallia (Independent)
Elixabeth (Independent)
Mertactor (Imperial)
Mille Falcs (Imperial)

Grote (Imperial)
Egypt (Imperial)
Overnale (Imperial)
New Rome (Imperial)
Glisten (Imperial)
Sorel (Imperial)
Horosho (Imperial)
Romar (Imperial)
Ffudn (Imperial)
Bendor (Imperial)

Burtson (Imperial)
Squanine (Imperial)
Dobham (Imperial)
Robin (Imperial)
Edenelt (Imperial)
Traltha (Imperial)
Farquahar (Imperial)
Zyra (Imperial)
Murchison (Imperial)
Hammermium (Imperial)
Katarulu (Imperial)
Prilissa (Imperial)
Ramiva (Imperial)
Trin (Imperial)