On the balkanized world of Porozlo in the Rhylanor subsector of the Spinward Marches, an uneasy peace is crumbling. (Porozlo: 0305-A867A74-A). The two primary naval powers of the northwestern hemisphere, Dartarri and Rabiten, are in a naval power build-up which threatens to keep vital trade from the flourishing port cities of the nearby small nations. Though Dartarri and Rabiten are both classified as democracies, neither has a good government. Both have corrupt systems, and the smaller countries expect either a war or the tumbling of both the nations within the next several years.

An independently wealthy businessman from Dalan, a major port in southern Dartarri, wishes to hire a mercenary unit which he hopes will "resolve" the situation. Mr. Morris Sevil wants the unit to strike the naval base at Kaldesh inside of Rabiten. The sabotage is to be done as quickly and as efficiently as it is possible. Mr. Sevil hopes that a coup would arise soon after the attack, and possibly, a better government will come to power.


Strike the Rabitenese naval base at Kaldesh so the country will not attain naval superiority in the hemisphere and stop all commerce to the region. Make sure that the base is disabled for at least six months.

The staging area for the strike team is in the small fishing town of Davvies, Dartarri. The town has about 5,500 permanent residents, and over 7,000 when the University of Dartarri's College of Oceanography is in session. The land to the south of the town is owned by the Dalinobi Frontier Company, a firm that does oceanic studies for profit. The strike team will use this area for the staging of its mission. Mr. Sevil has managed to bribe the local authorities so no questions would be asked or any reports made. A 300 ton seafaring cargo freighter, the Caminahm, will transport the unit to the drop-off near Kaldesh. The ship is docked at the private dock in Davvies reserved for the Frontier Company.

There is a 10 day limit for the mission. MCr0.1 will be awarded even if the mission is unsuccessful. There will be Cr10,000 given to the team before the mission for weapons, etc.; this Cr10,000 is part of the total reward of Cr100,000. Mr. Sevil will not supply weapons or extra cash for weapons. Upon return to the designated meeting point, the remaining Cr90,000 will be paid to the group. There is a possible bonus of Cr50,000 if the mission is done without a hitch.


Mr. Morris Sevil is completely honest about the payment of the group, but he is not talkative about his part in the mission. The captain of the freighter is Jack Andersonne, who is wanted in Rabiten for smuggling electronics into the country without passing through customs. The team should be aware of the problems which the coastal and land patrols will surely cause. Since the team is going to sabotage a major naval base on a heavily populated world within the Imperium, then heavy commercial and military activity should be expected. Keep in mind, however, that most major cities will have an Imperial Marine Force garrison present. The starport is located in the city of Terrat in Dartarri.

The remaining details are for you to provide. There are enough untied ends left so that you can expand the mission tremendously. Good luck.

Regional map