From The Editor's Desk

Some notes from the Editor of the Security Leak Magazine. (By Gregg Giles)

In Storage

A small selection of items for use in your adventures, including the explosive RDX, false skin grafts and the pharmaceuticals Norepinephrine and Norethindrone. (By Gregg Giles)

Computerized Defense Industries

A synopsis of a large corporation based in the Darrian Confederation that's involved in robotics, gravatics, computers, weaponry and more. Useful for quick development of background materials for your adventure. (By Martin Bleys)

Mercenary Ticket: Strike On Kaldesh

A brief background and high-level detail maps to help form the basis of an adventure in which the players are hired to strike a regional wet navy facility. (By Gregg Giles)

Belt-Fed Automatic Rifle (BFAR)

The standard infantry support weapon of the Third Imperium from 1027 to 1074, and still widely used in many frontier and lesser-developed worlds. (By Gregg Giles)

Volker Class Imperial Cruiser

A refitted variation of the standard 100-ton IISS Scout Ship hull. (By Steven Satak)

Corporate Business

A brief editorial commentary about how the sheer size of some big businesses can actually be a liability to the company, and an asset to a player. (By Gregg Giles)

Stock Markets of the Spinward Marches

A listing of the major stock markets located throughout the Spinward Marches sector - useful for adventures where finances come into play. (By Gregg Giles)

Published in 1987, the amateur nature of this premiere issue is readily evident. Produced on a typewriter using regular photocopier paper, blue pencils, letter transfers for titles, and stick glue to paste the art down. While this was the result of a 17-year old with no budget but a lot of dreams, the content wasn't very well thought out and suffered from being layout-driven.