RDX Explosive

RDX is a powerful explosive also known as cyclonite and hexogen. In more primitive technologies, RDX is used as the chief explosive charge in bombs. Today, it is still important as a military explosive which has wide uses in detonators and fuses. Manufacturers make RDX by the action of nitric-acid and hexamethylene-tetramine, a product of formaldehyde and ammonia. When RDX is mixed with nitroglycerin, an explosive called Composition B is formed. The common name for this composition is plastic explosives.

Upon detonation, RDX explodes in all directions, unlike TDX, which explodes perpendicular to the force of gravity. RDX is not very difficult to produce if the composer has either combat engineering or demolition skill. If the player attempts to make their own RDX, roll 2D for the basic success roll. On 10+ the mixed composition will work properly. Take into account the player's skill: for each level of demolitions or combat engineering skill, subtract 1 point from the basic success roll. Any impurities which enter the process of manufacture can cause the resulting composition to do no more than sputter upon detonation, so RDX is composed in sterile environments and carefully packaged. Most military installations above TL5 should have a supply of RDX on hand.


A hormone similar to epinephrine which is produced by the endings of the sympathetic nerves and is also found in the adrenal medulla. The hormone stimulates the contraction of small blood vessels, and is used in the treatment of hypotension and shock.

Norepinephrine is possible on worlds with TL4 and up, and should be only administered by an experienced medic or physician. Treatment should be made in a relatively calm place.

False Skin Graft

A product of synthetic industry, which, upon touch, feels like human skin. This material will adhere to human skin until forcefully removed. After being worn for several minutes, the material will then absorb heat from the wearer, completing the illusion of real skin. After its application, it may be necessary to touch-up the graft with makeup so the color matches that of the skin. Depending on how large the graft is, small items like microphones, transmitters, and knives can be hidden from sight. A 12cm square patch costs Cr80 on the average industrial world, and up to Cr200 anywhere else. Found at TL7+. The higher the tech level, the more real the graft will look.


A synthetic androgen administered orally in treating severe burns, paralytic polio, malnutrition, tuberculosis and other conditions. Available on worlds with TL7 or better.