Computerized Defense Industries was founded in 1087 by three Darrians (two native Darrians and one naturalized Darrian from Terra) named Viktor Scott, a professor of Electrical Engineering at the Darrian University on Mire, Kris Lords, a Terran Military Historian from the same university, and Corwin Michaels, a computer engineer and ex- fighter pilot for the Darrian Confederation.

The corporation's early years were plagued by insufficient funds due to the lack of influential buyers (ie: Third Imperium) of their new defense programs.

In 1091, the Imperium bought (in quantity) the CDI Gravity Control Program and the CDI missile guidance system for long-range missiles. The GCP and the missile guidance system quickly established CDI as a major Darrian and Imperial defense contractor.

CDI facilities were soon being built on several planets in the Spinward Marches (Collace/District 268, Regina/Regina, Lunion/Lunion, Glisten/Glisten, Rhylanor, Rhylanor, Mora/Mora, and Trin/Trin's Veil). Six Program Research & Development (PR&D) stations were also built outside the Darrian Confederation: Penelope/Five Sisters, Choleosti/Vilis, Yori/Regina, Cogri/Lanth, Aster/Glisten, and also on Heguz/Aramis. Inside the territories of the Darrian Confederation installations were built on the worlds of Zamine, Roget, Mire, Darrian, and on Terant 340 (which is also the site of a PR&D station). All of these bases (with the exception of the PR&D facilities) were built within 20 years and were all made fully operational by 147-1112. The PR&D stations were made operational by 270-1105.

PR&D Facilities

The six Program Research and Development (PR&D) stations which were built began research in 001-1106 in several fields. Artificial intelligence is being researched on Terant 340, and significant developments have been made. Advanced robotics are being studied at Penelope, and with very impressive developments. Black hole research is being conducted with some Imperial assistance at Yori. A probe has been built which will aide in the conduct of further research. On the world on Cogri, psionics research is also under study. Advanced defensive weaponry research is under-way on the facility at Choleosti. Heguz sponsors the CDI PR&D facility which directs the advanced computer technology studies, and on Aster, matter transport vessels are under design.

All facilities were placed on these worlds under either the authority of the Imperium or Darrian Confederation, so they are no likely to be known by the general populous. Several basic requirements were set forth by CDI when the decision was made to begin building the PR&D facilities. These requirements are:
  • Population level of the world must be 6 or less, or the planet must have an Imperial research station present if the population is above 6;
  • No military bases may be present
  • Hydrographics percentage of the world must be either 0% or 100%.
The latter two requirements apply to all cases, and may not be substituted. The estimated cost of each PR&D station (with the exclusion of Yori) is MCr790. All of the PR&D stations are operated by join CDI and Imperial Naval (INS) research teams. The one exception is the PR&D station at Cogri, which is staffed exclusively by CDI personnel.


The organization of Computerized Defense Industries is unlike most other corporations. Each of the three founders has an equal share of the total stock of the corporation (30%). Each founder also holds the title of "President" for his/her section.

Each section contains three divisions as follows: Robotics, Gravatics, and Transportation in the first section, which is headed by Viktor Scott. The second section, headed by Kris Lords, contains the Research, Communications, and Advertising divisions. And the last division, headed by Cowin Michaels, is the host to the Computer, Weaponry, and Security divisions.

Frontier Managers, or FMs, perform duties which complement the function of the installation which is under their direction. Each frontier manager will generally have ten assistants, called Consul Advisors. Every division has its own Frontier Manager, except for the Security Division; all CDI security personnel are under the direct control of Corwin Michaels, the section head.


Each division of CDI complements all of the others, as if one division could not work without the others. All of the following are CDI divisions:
  • Robotics: This division manufactures robotic systems such as androids, warbots, and other all purpose robots.
  • Gravatics: This division manufactures gravitational devices for use in the Transportation division, and is aided by the Computer division.
  • Transportation: Provides transportation for all CDI personnel and all of the CDI materials sold.
  • Research: This division researches all technologies which CDI is concerned with. The Research division is separated into seven subdivisions: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Black Holes, Psionics, Weapons, Computers, and Matter Transportation.
  • Advertising: This division markets all devices made by the other divisions.
  • Communications: This division maintains an extensive Express Boat (also commonly known as "X- Boat") route in order to maintain communications between the CDI installations. The Imperium provides the CDI X- Boat network with assistance.
  • Computers: This division manufactures computers, programs, and computer repair devices which relate to CDI research.
  • Weaponry: This division's primary purpose is the manufacture of defensive weaponry.
  • Security: This division maintains forces at all CDI facilities, including PR&D stations. An extensive "security fleet" is maintained by CDI at all of the non- PR&D stations. Each facility's fleet consists of six 1,000+ ton vessels. In addition, six vessels per "transportation fleet" are maintained for the defense of the CDI transportation vessels. Ground based security forces number roughly 200 at each facility and 350 at each PR&D station. All ground forces are slowly being phased out with the use of warbots. 1 in 9 soldiers at CDI stations carry a fusion gun (FGMP-14) and also wears battle dress. All other soldiers wear combat armor and carry Gauss rifles.